AMAZING! ! Dr. Kazuko’s FIR Wave Onnetsuki!
Revolutionary new Invention!!
New handheld Far Infrared Device: Technological Breakthrough
Helping your own healing power without any side effect.

All living beings need Water, Air, Food, and solar Energy. But out of vast range of Sun Ray, according to NASA, only the narrow spectrum of 8-14 micron of wave length is the light of life, growth and healing, commonly called FAR Infra-red (FIR). FIR ONNETSU Therapy is based on NASA’s finding and the ancient Japanese modality of MOXA. After helping over 9,000 people last 15 years all over the world with various physical and mental problems through FIR Onnetsu Therapy, Dr. Kazuko has now invented this amazing device. Using this device, many therapists are finding that FIR Onnetsu Therapy can produce similar effects of Moxibustian without smoke, or Acupuncture without needle.

Features of New Amazing FIR Device
Item Name: Dr. Kazuko’s FIR Onnetsuki
Model No.: WL003
Size: Onnetsuki H232mm x W72mm x D33mm Heat Element Width 54.3 x Length 72
Power Supply: AC Power
AC Adapter: Input AC 100 V50/60Hz (Japan),
Adaptable 110V to 240V
Output DC 24 V 1.5A
Heat range: 30-70℃(86-158F) Left button to turn on&off. Right to set temperature.
Heat Element: Far-Infrared(8-14mc), itanium
Terahertz Enhance FIR penetration (about 30cm)
Negative Ion: About 1,000
Germanium: 2 pieces (--6)
Color: Pearl White finish
Accessory: AC Power Adapter/ 1 year Warranty/
Storage Case/ Cloth Heat Cover

- Improvement of organ function & of illnesses: Arthritis, Blood / Lymph circulation, Cold, Cancer, Diabetes, etc.
- Immune Enhancement via Autonomic Nervous System - Increase in Physical & Mental Energy
- Detoxification of Heavy Metal, Drugs and other toxins - Improvement in any physical discomforts
- Easing aches, pains and stresses - Natural Weight Loss
- Reviving Youthfulness. Facial & SPA treatment etc.

Now soliciting distributors worldwide and taking advance orders. Basic and Advance Trainings
are scheduled in New York and all over the world. Each course costs $540. (NCCAOM Credit course)


As a pair device with ONNETSUKI, Dr.Kazuko’s FAR INFRARED ONNETSU MAT is most effective and therapeutic. The mat does just about everything that Onnetsuki does except finding “hot”spot. Lie down on it and make yourself comfortable, even for overnight. There is no side effect. ONNETSU MAT penetrates through the spine into automatic nervous system, balancing sympathetic & parasympathetic nerves promoting immunity and your own healing power.


Item Name : Dr. Kazuko’s FIR Onnetsu Mat
Far Infrared : Precise 8-14 micron
Color/Size : Metallic Silver / L 63” x 21”, M 36”x21”, S 18” x 18”
Power Supply : AC Power
AC Adapter : Input AC 100 V 50/60Hz, Output DC 24 V 1.5A
Adaptable to any country for 110V to 240V
Heat Element : Far-Infrared Radio Active Titanium
Negative Ion : About 1,000 Terahertz, Germanium, Titanium included
Heat Range : Low, Medium, High.
Time duration : 30 min, 60 min, 8 hours
Accessory : Switch, AC Power Adapter (built in), Carrying case