NASA announced in late 1960s that there is a small range of Sun light (5 to 25 micron of wave length) for the health of living cells and the growth of new cells. After over 10 years of research, Japanese scientists succeeded in making tangible object which constantly emits this wave length without Sun light presence by baking together more than a dozen of minerals in certain proportions. This is the Far Infra-Red Ceramic. Subsequently, using this baked ceramic as fiber thread or power, many products were produced.
Products we carry are all made of this material and patented. By putting them on, you can only realize amazing effects on your body for pain and discomfort whether knee, back or shoulder pains, or other unhealthy symptoms. Do not despair and give up! These products will help and guard you for 24/7, 365 days! Prices are subject to change.

The Bio-Ceramic within the Photo-Electron® FIR fibers receive the bio-energy from our body cells and amplify it and feed it back to our body. That in tern stimulates the water-molecules within our cells and hence invigorates us, mentally and physically.

Why don't you convert your ordinary bath into a "FIR BATH" !!!!!!

FIR Bath acts as both Hot Spring and Sauna!
It is great for stiff shoulders or aches! It will make you feel so good!
You can enjoy the hot spring atmosphere and benefits at home! It keeps you warm hours after bathing!

FIR For Bath (Using Cotton Tag Ends)
Each bag contains as much as $100 worth of P-Sheet fragments. Use two bags at a time.
2-Bag Pack: $315

This is a product that we can all recommend! We are confident that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of FIR for sure! The bath is something that is share by everyone in the family so everyone can benefit from it!! It is so easy; just drop it in the tub before you fill it with hot water!

•Please put the bags before you feel the tub with hot water, rather than putting it in the tub afterward. It makes a difference.
•While you are soaking in the bath, apply the bags where it aches or feels discomfort such as shoulders or lower back.
•If someone with some ailment takes the bath, the water might be contaminated by toxic substances that have been excreted from the body.
•Even when a healthy person takes the bath, because the FIR hot water penetrates deep into the pores, the water after ward might be contaminated for the first several times. However, you will feel the difference on your skin; you skin would be smooth as a baby …
•If you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis, then massage where you feel pain or discomfort while bathing. It has been reported that FIR bath seems to help lose weight as well!
Other notable factors:

•Tub cleaning gets easier probably because the water molecules are broken down by the FIR bags!
•TIf you use the FIR bag while doing the laundry, it would look as if you have used bleach!
Super Slender Series

Put on the Super Slender IR bands on your body where you want to slim down! Put them on and sit back and relax. All made of Photo-Electron® FIR Fiber Materials which stimulate the water-molecule activities within your body and receive the bio-energy from the body and amplify and feed it back.
We recommend you to use lotion with natural ingredients (by promoting the perspiration) along with them. The effects may vary from person to person.
Great for Pain, Swelling, Fatigue.
Available in black & white.

Sizes: Waist Slender: Short-M: 9.5” x 11.8”
Waist Slender: Short-L: 11” x 11.8”
Waist Slender: Long-M: 9.5” x 16.9”
Waist Slender: Long-L: 11” x 16.9”

Prices: Waist Slender: M/L (short): $360.00 / (long): $360.00
Arm Slender: M/L (single): $180.00 / (a pair): $360.00
Leg Slender: M/L (single): $216.00 / (a pair): $432.00

Body Lotion

This lotion contains natural marine alga extracts and it promotes the perspiration. It is gentle to your skin and helps tone up your body.

Liners, Panties And Long Johns For Women (And Men)

You only live once but what you put on over your skin is something you wear every day … These liners and long johns promote the blood circulation and hence improve your health. Available in black, white, and peach.

No-Sleeve: M/L: $135.00 We also have FIR socks
T-Shirt: M/L: $144.00
Long-Sleeve: M/L: $180.00
Shorts: M/L: $63.00
Long Shorts: M/L: $126.00
Long Johns Bottom: M/L (long): $180.00
Long Johns Bottom (Double Layered): M/L: $234.00

Belly Band (Belly Warmer Wrap)

It does miracles on gastrasthenia, constipation, low-body-temperature, and lower-back-pain. It is also affective in sliming down your tummy and

Prices: M/L: $360.00
XL: $378.00

Super FIR Belt For Pelvis

It is adjustable so can be put over anywhere you have a problem or want to. It comes with FIR sheet pack. It works great on sliming down the tummy line and pushing up the buttocks too!

Super FIR Lower-Back Support Belt (M/L): $180.00
Super FIR Pelvis Belt (S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL): $153.00

Super FIR Band Series For wrist, Ankle, and Neck

Protecting and well-maintaining your neck is vital for your health! This neck band keeps you away from stiff-shoulders, coughing etc. and is quite effective on whiplash.

Are you suffering from charley horses or swellings? Those ankle and wrist bands prevent them from occurring! They keep your limbs warm and tireless! With the ankle bands on, no matter how much you walk, you won’t get tired!

Once you starting wearing them, you will see the difference! You will feel like you have gotten rid off a heavy load! And you can keep them on 24/7 and they will help you sleep like a baby!

Available in black, white, red, and blue.

Neck Band (2-inch Wide) (M/L): $63.00
Wrist Band & Ankle Band: Regular (3-inch Wide) (M/L/XL/XXL) : $108.00
Wrist Band & Ankle Band: Wide (4-inch Wide) (L/XL/XXL): $117.00

Keep you warm in Winter and keep you cool in Summer! Mid Summer or Mid Winder, FIR products keep you comfortable! Apply FIR Power where it aches!
Some of the products are quite limited in quantity so order now!

FIR Bands for Wrist / Ankle
Each contains 2 layers of P-Sheet. Each pack contains 2 bands. If you connect two, they can be used for neck.
H340 (M Wrist): $108
H350 (L Ankle): $117

FIR Facial Mask
After removing make-up, soak the mask in water or skin lotion and apply. It is reusable so rinse it and use it over and over!
10-Sheet Pack: $90

FIR Tummy Band / Waist Supporter
Y200: S/M/L $360
Y300: XL $378

Natural Wave SP Loop Necklace

FIR Socks for
White for women and black/navy blue for men
For Men: $108
For Women: $81

FIR Pillow
(As much as 7 Bath Packs)

FIR Knee and Elbow Supporters
Great for aching knees and elbows!
D130 (Elbow): M $135
D150 (Knee): L $189

Platinum Insole
Men’s size 7-9

Super FIR Power Rings

This is something we all love to wear! We all suffer from some sort of problems; be it chronic fatigue, sense of coldness, pains, swellings, stress, etc. and those rings can help alleviate such symptoms! Although they come small in sizes, they are powerfully charged with FIR and they keep fatigue, cold, and stress away from you.
There are rings for neck, wrist, ankle, arch of foot, knee, and thigh and come in S, M, L, XL. Available in black or beige base with burgundy or blue rim or no rim.

Power Ring for Neck: S/M/L/XL: $63.00
Power Ring for Neck-Braided: S/M/L: $54.00
Power Ring for Wrist: S/M/L/XL: $63.00
Power Ring for Ankle/Arch: S/M/L/XL: $63.00
Power Ring for Knee/Thigh: S/M/L/XL: $72.00 - 99.00

FIR Products
Dr.Kazuko's New FIRMAT uses a special, patented ceramic, which emits only the most focused FIR ray (8-14 microns) and heat. It is most beneficial, gentle and comfortable, removing pain, fatigue, and daily stress. By just lying down on the mat, you will warm up your spine (autonomic nervous system) and raise your immune power. Absolutely safe, with no side effects.
• Very efficient and economical. It is totally different from any other heating pad.
• Just as Dr.Kazuko's ONNETSUKI, This mat include.
• The thermostat control is very precise, prevents overheating and always maintains a comfortable temperature. High, Med, Low.
• Easy to operate. All of the world, adaptable to 100-240V. Keep the switch on, at all times to use the entire length of mat.
• Vinyl leather cover is very sanitary and safe even if you spill water on it. Clean with wet towels only. Please cover with cotton sheet.
• Can be used as steam heat by using wet towels.
• People with hemorrhage, TB or extremely infectious diseases should use only lowest heat and for a short time.

LL $1260
L $900
M $450
17”x7” Partial body 35 $450

Dr.Kazuko's new amazing ONNETSUKI-Sel.
It is a marriage between an old tradition of Japanese healing and the new, penetrating FIR Ray. A trained therapist can get amazing results on all health problems, but everyone can benefit, Include is Spa treatments.

Other Far Infrared Products
The products are made with special thread which is made from FIR ceramic emitting far infrared energy. Far Infrared of 5~25 micron of wavelength penetrates deeply into your body and activates water molecules in your body by gently vibrating and stimulating them. It helps to enhance the circulation of lymph and blood, and balance the body temperature, and you’ll be warm, healthy, and energized! You can wear them 24/7 without being sweaty. It is permanent and washing the products won’t damage or change the quality.

They are effective for:
Coldness, insomnia, aches and pains, water retention, numbness, fatigue, tension, cramp, health of internal organs, stomach problems, maintaining beauty, rehabilitation, etc.:
Products Regular Price
FIR Socks $54
FIR Wrist/Ankle Band $45
FIR Neck Band $27
FIR Arm/Knee Supporter $36each
FIR Ankle Supporter $36(pin)
FIR Back Support Belt $360
FIR Waist Belt $90
FIR Waist Warmer $171
FIR Leg Warmer $90
FIR Leg Warmer (LL) $108
FIR T Shirt $99
FIR Pants $99
FIR Gloves $45
FIR Insoles $35
FIR Sheet $15
FIR Sheet (set of 10) for Facial $180


A series of nine books on health and spirituality are being written by various authors and Dr. Kazuko translated and published by KOKORO Publishing.

The series includes the following titles (subject to change & tentative):

1.Overcoming Cancer and Other Difficult Diseases in a Holistic Way,
by Tomeko Mitsui & Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer(published in 2003, second edition in 2007)
2.Your Immune Revolution and Healing Your Healing Power, by Toru Abo & Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer (published in 2007)
3.Deep Breath Changes Your Body and Mind/Spirit, by Osamu Tatsumura (published in 2008)
4.Joy of Yoga, Okido Japanese Yoga, by Masahiro Oki & Kazuko Tatsumura
5.Kanrenbui The Mystery of the Body’s Relationship, by Fernando & Paula Montoto
6.KI and Shinkiko

Followings are the books already published and available

Your Immune Revolution / Healing Your Healing Power
Toru Abo, M.D. & Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer , OMD, PhD
Price: $22.95
In Japan, “Your Immune Revolution” by Dr. Toru Abo has been a long-term best-selling book. Now it’s available in English! It’s an eye-opening and inspiring book which reveals the common dangers in practice of conventional medicine, written by a renowned medical doctor and one of the most important authorities of immunology in the world. Abo discusses the mechanism of immune system in general to restore health and also in recovering from cancer and other difficult diseases. This English version also includes additional chapter "Healing Your Healing Power" written by Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer, PhD, the translator of the book. She introduces some holistic concepts and practical methods to enhance immunity based on Dr. Abo's theory, emphasizing that anyone can heal themselves.

Overcoming Cancer and Other Diseases in Holistic Way
Tomeko Mitsui and Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer
ISBN: 9780970497901
Price: $18.99
Overcoming Cancer and Other Diseases in Holistic Way is a theory of Far Infrared Onnetsu Therapy, which incorporates concept of traditional Japanese medicine in combination with the cutting edge Japanese Far Infrared Technology. Onnetsu Method was developed by and Onnetsuki was invented by the late Tomeko Mitsui from Japan who was a great Oriental Medicine practitioner. Mitsui and Dr.Tatsumura worked on the book with an intention to introduce this new holistic theory of health to the reader with practical information. It is designed to give the reader understanding of holistic approach to health in general as well as detailed instruction of how to apply Onnetsuki, a hand-held Far Infrared machine, in order to treat certain physical conditions in a practical way. There should be one Onnetsuki in each household to take care of most of discomfort. This is a book to get if you are buying an Onnetsuki machine.

Deep Breath Changes the Body and Mind / Spirit
Osamu Tatsumura
ISBN: 9780970497932
Price: $18.99
Deep Breath Changes the Body and Mind / Spirit is an easy-to-follow exercise book with tremendous insights and practical exercises to help you breathe better for a better health. A lack of breath, or a lack of the right kind of breath, can cause many of the problems we face today. In this book, the author explores the importance of breath for our physical and mental health, sharing a variety of unique breathing techniques, both traditional and innovative, that are practical and give immediate results in solving stress, sleeping problems, over-weight, other health problems, etc.